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Q.  How does the City of Pomeroy bill?

A.  The City bills water and sewer bills quarterly; however, not everyone is on the same billing cycle.  The quarterly billing shows the date of the bill, period of the billing (i.e., January, February, March), and the due date.  Also shown is the address for the property, customer name, account number, meter readings.

Q.  What if I did not receive my bill in the mail?

A.  Your account is billed every three months.  If you do not receive your bill, please call City Hall at (509) 843-1601.  You are responsible for the bill whether it is received or not.

Q.  What happens if my water is turned off for non-payment?

A.  Service will be restored upon payment of the delinquency, or setting up acceptable payment arrangements with the Clerk's office.  The charge for turning the water off for non-payment is $20.00 and must be paid at the time that water is restored.

Q.  May I turn on or off my water meter?

A.  No.  We will contact our Public Works Department to turn your water on or off.  Unauthorized use of water supplied by the City utility system will be punishable as provided by law, and the City may remove meters, disconnect or lock water meters, and do such other action as is necessary for the prevention of unauthorized use of water.  See Pomeroy Municipal Code Section 13.04.140,

Q.  When does the City read my meter?

A.  Meters are normally read around the 15th day of each month (except when the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday).  Additionally, meters are not read in the months of December, January and February due to snow and ice on meter boxes.  These conditions make it difficult to open frozen meter boxes and remove snow off the lids.  

Q.  What if I think my bill is too high?

A.  Meter readings are listed on your bills (the current and previous reads are listed on the top left side of the utility bill).  Simply read your water meter (add a zero to the end of the number), record the read, then subtract from the current read on your bill.  If the usage is lower than that on the utility bill, call City Hall at (509) 843-1601, and we will make the corrections to this billing.  If the reading is higher, please check for leaks in your house or sprinkler system plumbing. Leaky toilets, faucets and sprinklers are the number one problem area for leaks.

Q.  Who repairs the water lines?

A.  The City is responsible for maintenance to the main line and meter to the point of the customer's service line connection to the meter.  A meter leaking on the property side of the meter is the responsibility of the customer.

Q.  If a leak is discovered after I receive my bill, can I ask for forgiveness on the water overage?

Please see the section under the HOME tab for Relief from Water Overage Charges.  Water overage requests are granted one time only per property.  Contact City Hall immediately and the matter will be investigated.

Q.  What are my responsibilities as a City water user?

A.  You are required to insulate your meter box during the winter season to prevent the meter from freezing.  If a meter does freeze, then you will be charged for the cost of a new meter, as the frozen meter is no longer usable.

Also, keep your meter box clear and accessible for reading and maintenance purposes.  This includes any meters located in utility easements.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON OR OVER THE METER BOX.

Q.  How can I pay my utility bill?

A.  You can drop off your payment at City Hall Monday through Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If you need to pay after hours, there is a locked bronze payment box outside of City Hall.  Additionally, customers can set up an Auto Pay account with their banks.  We accept cash, checks and Visa or MasterCard.

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