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When the Clerk’s office notices excessive water usage (during posting meter readings), a member of the City Crew is requested to re-read the water meter.

If it is discovered that a water leak has occurred, the Clerk’s office notifies the customer by phone to inform them that there appears to be a water leak.  The customer is advised that he/she may attend the next Council meeting and/or provide information to Council regarding the water overage and his/her efforts to repair the leak.

The Public Works Department is consulted for information regarding the customer’s usage and possible leaks for re-reading.

If the customers discovers a leak on his/her own, then he/she is directed to write a letter to the Mayor and Council for relief from water charges or attend the next Council meeting and explain the circumstances of the leak.  The history of the customer’s account is provided to the Mayor and Council.  The customer shall state his/her address, nature of the leak, and the amount of the water overage.

The customer must provide proof that the leak has been repaired prior to granting any relief from water overages.

Decisions are made by Council based on the information received from the Clerk’s and Public Works Departments as well as customer documentation.  Council may allow to grant the relief from overage charges by stating the dollar amount to be relieved, and they may also limit the request for one-time only, etc.  The amount of the relief will be stated in dollar amounts for the Clerk’s office to adjust along with the property address.  They may also deny the request, and the majority of the Council is necessary for approving or denying the request.

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