Ordinance No. 893


An Ordinance Adding Red Tag Reminder Fees


The city council of the City of Pomeroy do hereby ordain as follows:


WHEREAS, the City routinely reviews revenues and expenses associated with the utilities, and


WHEREAS, it is appropriate for the City to periodically adjust utility billing and late fees, and


WHEREAS, the proposed penalty for late payment of utility bills after the due date will likely result in a significant increase in the number of utility bills being paid on time, and


WHEREAS, the proposed red tag reminder fee prescribes a fair and reasonable manner in which adjustments to utility bills will be made, and


WHEREAS, the City of Pomeroy is a code city of the State of Washington organized under Title 13 of the Pomeroy Municipal Code, and pursuant to its legislative powers, has the authority to operate various utility systems including, but not limited to electric, gas, sewer and water utilities, and


WHEREAS, the proposed changes in the Pomeroy Municipal Code have been reviewed by the Utilities Committee and are recommended for City Council adoption.


NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Pomeroy, Washington, does hereby ordain:


            Section 1.  Section 13.04.070 of the Pomeroy Municipal Code, is amended to read as follows:


All utility accounts shall be kept on the books of the city in the name of the owner, and all charges shall be billed to and be the responsibility of the property owner.  All bills are payable within fifteen days from the billing date, and a finance charge at the highest legal rate will be added for accounts which are ninety days past due.  If utility bills are not paid within the stated period, the water can and maybe shut off.  Water will be turned on after payment of the fees due, to date, in addition to the charge for the reconnection of services.  Flat rates are payable in advance.  (Ord. 653 §1, 1986).


If there is no response received to the mailed final notice of the account delinquency within five (5) business days, a tag for disconnect shall be delivered to the service address of the utility consumer giving a 48-hour advance notice of the pending disconnection for said service address.  A fee for this disconnection notice shall be assessed to this service address in the amount of Ten Dollars ($10.00). (Ord. 893 §1, ¶2).


            Section 2:  This ordinance shall take effect five (5) days after publication.





Signed:                                                                        Attest:




_____________________________                          ____________________________

G. Paul Miller, Mayor                                                 Shaun Martin, Clerk/Treasurer







Passed by the council: 5/9/17


Effective date:

Ordinance No. 893